March Newsletter
12 Things Happy People do Differently

Written by Bianca Belei
1.Express Gratitude  
If we aren’t thankful already for what we have and what we accomplished, we will have a hard time ever being happy.
2.Cultivate Optimism
People who sees things and circumstances from a positive light find much easier and efficiently the right solution for their problem and become a great solution-solvers.
3.Avoid over-thinking and social comparison
There is no need for us to compare to no one. Comparison can be very poisonous. The only person you should compare to is yourself.
4.Practice acts of kindness
If you can make a difference in someone’s life even with a smile it’s a big accomplishment. Giving Kindness it goes a long way.
5.Nurture social relationships
The most happy people on this planet are the ones that socialize and interact with other.  
9.Savor life’s joys.
Slow down, enjoy every little thing.
10.Commit to your goals
If you don’t show determination and passion for your goals no one will.
11.Practice spirituality
When we practice spirituality or religion we recognize that life is bigger than us.
12.Take care of your body.

 Regular exercise has been associated with improved mental wellbeing and a lower incidence of depression. The Cochrane Review (the most influential medical review of its kind in the world) has produced a landmark analysis of 23 studies on exercise and depression. One of the major conclusions was that exercise had a “large clinical impact" on depression. Many studies are proving the ancient adage, "sound body, sound mind," including the recent discovery of a "gut-brain axis," and a possible link between excessive sugar consumption and depression.There are so many things in life that we simply cannot control. What we can control, though, is how we respond to what we are given. The difference between happy people and chronically unhappy people is how they choose to exert that control in their lives. So many people worry about what is beyond their control. Next time you catch yourself thinking this way, turn it around and think about what you can control. Take action rather than being a victim of circumstance and your own negative  thinking.    
 6. Find coping strategies
Is very useful to find coping strategies that works for you.
7.Learn to forgive
Harboring feeling of hate is horrible for your well-being.
8.Increase flow experience. Nothing is competing for your focus or distracting you.

I find that the world carriers glimpses of hope and opportunities for positive change for those who seek it.I belive in the power of vulnerability and optimism ,I advocate for transparency in any partnerships ,business, friendship,family/marital relationships.
​Everyone is unique and I strive to make every session a unique experience for every client.
​I create a unique style approach for each individual,creating a collaborative,affordable,creative and tailored practice to help each person achieve their full potential.
Helping adults making the emotional and behavioral changes  and  find overall balance and wellness is the primary focus  of my practice.
I am a trained healthcare practitioner specialized in psychotherapy and counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, nutrition and drug and alcohol counseling .
My mission is to provide clients, families and organizations with top quality, ethical counseling and consulting services.

 “One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.” – Unknown

 “Three things you cannot recover in life: the WORD after it’s said, the MOMENT after it’s missed and the TIME after it’s gone. Be Careful!” – Unknown